Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 12s of 2012

 So I thought I’d jump on the yearly review blogpost bandwagon and do a bit of a wrap up of what I’ve achieved for 2012. Turns out I made more than I thought. So I settled for my top 12’s.

I’ve learnt so much during 2012, made such wonderful friends, got stuck into blogging, joined my first Bees, started paper piecing, started designing paper pieced patterns and basically sewed my heart out. It’s been fun!

So in true lazybloggergirl style, here are collages of my top 12’s.

Top 12 paper pieced blocks:
Paper piecing 2012

Top 12 Quilts:
Quilts of 2012

And I pretty much achieved my quilty goals for the year.
- Learn how to machine bind quilts – Done!

- Practice FMQ and try it on a quilt – Done! Still not a big fan though

- Join a Bee – make that joined three Quilting Bees!
          - Make a snowball quilt – what was I thinking?! I don’t even like this design now. Not done!  
            Likely won’t ever be done!
- King size quilt for my sister’s 30th – Not done! She never did settle on fabric for it! Did make a Queen size for my Mum, does that kind of count?! Will eventually get this one done when the freespirit sister settles on a permanent home country.

- Sort out my craft cupboard – done the other week when the electricity went out for the day. What else is a girl to do with no power to sew or blog?!

- Take a quilting class – done! Fun mystery quilt class with Fiona and a few online Craftsy ones.

Take that 2012 quilt goals! Mostly met and blitzed.

And can’t end without mentioning the excitement planned for 2013 – Pop back tomorrow for the first installment of the And Sew On BoM! Oh yeah let’s make 2013 the year of paper piecing! Winking smile

And Sew On BoM Button

Thanks for joining in the sewing madness with me this past year – here’s to a fun and creative 2013 for us all! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you Kristy (love that we get there earlier than others here in the Antipodes!!)You have had a busy quilty year - thanks for being such a fun blogger to follow :-)

  2. Your writing always makes me giggle. You have totally rocked 2012 girl!

  3. Thanks for a freakin' awesome 2012 Kristy!! And it was pretty much only the last half too, so I can't wait to see what a whole year will bring for us!! xx

  4. A fabulous 2012 - well done on smashing your goals!! Looking forward to the BOM :)

  5. Happy New Year! It's pretty awesome to see the quilts and blocks all together. You had a great year and done well. I'll sure join for the PP 2013 madness.

  6. Great acheivement Kristy, looking forward to seeing your progress in 2013. Happy New Year.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  7. What a creative year! I'm looking forward to see even more in 2013. All the best. x

  8. A fabulous 2012! Happy New year and here is to Paper piecing overload ;-)

  9. Congratulations on knocking out those quilting goals in 2012. There is no telling what awesomeness you will come up with in 2013.

    Happy New Year

  10. Hahaha, free spirit sister sounds like my brother who turned 30 in November. After 6 years of living between Australia, England and Canada, maybe he'll stay in Australia? To buy him Christmas presents was hard, because you can't buy him "things" because he doesn't stay anywhere for a long time. We joked he was of "no fixed address". I'd really like to make him a beachy inspired quilt, kombis and surfboards maybe, but he'll have to stop moving around the world surfing and snow boarding! I love some of your quilts, the diamonds, the tiles, and one that looks like formal French garden beds. You're very clever, especially with paper piecing!

  11. loved reading your goals/met goals and seeing some of your quilts/blocks that i love too!! Have you set any goals for this year?

  12. How amazing that you've got more than 12 quilts to chose from! Happy New Year, good luck for 2013!

  13. I only started following blogs about halfway through the year so I never saw your owl quilt. Love it! It's on my list of to do projects (someday).


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