Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Stash

 I vaguely remember making some grand proclamation about not buying fabric. Yeah right. Like that’s ever going to happen. Especially when there are sales! I have reined it in a bit – not quite as many fabric benders of late.

Today’s post is a bit of a twofer! Because I’m including free fabric. Oh yes, free! I was lucky enough to have my custom bundle picked in the Squeeze Your Own Bundle competition at Blossom Heart Quilts. Big thank you to Randi from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics for this lovely prize!

Child's Play bundle from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics

I just adore that Simple Life print – how sweet is the little girl hanging out the washing?! Love!
Then I took advantage of one of the Black Friday (or is Black Monday? I get so confused) sales after Thanksgiving. Fabric Shack had 10% off everything, plus with their discounted international shipping, well… how’s a girl to say no?!

Especially when they had pretty much all the Color Weave (P & B Textiles) colours. I limited myself to 12 colours. These will be perfect for texture in paper piecing!

Color Weave

They are a bit darker than my all time fave Sketch fabrics, but I think they’ll still work just fine!

Of course whenever I place an order from a US shop, have to make the most of the postage and get the whole 9 yards. Literally.Winking smile So here’s what I added:

Scissors and text
Cuzco Prints
Bunnies and birds

I know that looks like a lot of fabric, but altogether that’s only two parcels of fabric! And some of those are 1/4 yard cuts and I couldn’t resist and I wanted them for ages and they are too pretty to resist and… and… too much justification? I like fabric. Let’s leave it at that.

Oh and to help me with matching solids… I bought a Kona Color Card!

Kona Colour Card

Aussies and Kiwis – get excited. Kate Quilts (Aussie gal) is stocking these, and at the same price as you’d pay in a US shop. But being “local” (as in our part of the world) postage is MUCH less! Woohoo!!  Oh and it includes the new colours! I know right? The excitement is too much!

So let’s leave it there and check out what everyone else is adding to their stash this week!

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  1. I think I need one of those colour cards! They look like a real treat...just looking at all those pretty colours! Great fabric too!

  2. OOH! That reminds me that mine is finally coming this week with my SIL!!!!!! Oh my goodness, so excited :D Family, company, built-in babysitters AND fabric and Kona Color Card and Aurifil!!! Ahem... Your Simple Life bundle really coordinates so lovely together!!! Sometimes the computer screen doesn't read well in real life, but this bundle is just gorgeous!!

  3. Love the colour weave fabrics, and thanks for the link to Kate Quilts too!

  4. Love those colour weaves - and I am dying over the little B&W scissors! The little red rabbits are cute too. I really want a Kona card - I enter any competitions in the hope that I will win one, but I think I will just have to fork out and buy one. I usually buy Kona online looking at the photos and crossing my fingers that the colour matches, but I have been a little disappointed one too many times!

  5. Lol! You have to make the most of postage, it'd be craziness not to ;o)
    Thanks for the link - I get all my aurifil from Always Quilting - I think their prices are really competitive too?

  6. the only thing better than fabric is winning fabric!!! you put a great bundle together!! you have a lot of fun prints!

  7. I always have to make the most of postage allowances - my theory is that although I buy more I am being thrifty as it reduces the amount it has cost me per Yard/metre!! great choices of fabric!

  8. Cool fabrics! I love my colour chart - no more matching by puter mistakes ;-)

  9. you designed such a lovely bundle, congrats on winning!

  10. That bundle is so lovely...lots of great colours and prints.

  11. When I grow up I'm going to get a Kona colour card!


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