Friday, 9 November 2012

Halfway Hustling!

 I think I'm in denial that we are halfway through the hustle – that means only 50 days til the end of the year. Surely not?!

On the other hand, I am rather pleased with my progress on my list! Let’s review! With pictures!

1. Iris Wallhanging – Done!
Iris wallhanging

2. Diamond Stars – Done!
Diamond star quilt on the fence

3. LEGO Quilt for preschool – Not done!
In fact I’m thinking of scrapping this idea. I’m just running out of time and I have made zero start on it and have so much to do and argh excuses excuses excuses. To sum it up, I just plain don’t want to do this one anymore!

4. Christmas Paper Piecing Patterns – Done!
Christmas Paper Pieced Patterns

And you can download them for free for the duration of the blog hop! Oh and follow the Sew Seasonal blog hop and join in for prizes. All the details are here.
5. Glasses case for Mum – Not done!
Not sure if she needs this any more as she’s changed jobs. Must ask her! I’ll change this one to Boomerang Pillowcase for Mum – a request for Christmas. It needs to match the XOXO quilt.

6. Polaroid Block I-Spy Quilt – Not done!
I’m undertaking the big swap of the blocks this weekend though so hopefully I will get onto this sooner than later!

The Who Am I kidding projects? Part done!
Nan’s 90th Quilt – well I have ordered the fabric and chosen a design. Good thing I still have til March to make this one.

Seaside Cottage Spanish Tiles I Still Haven’t Named This Quilt – it’s in the process of quilting.
Seaside Cottage with borders

So now my Hustle list looks like this:
1. Boomerang pillowcase for Mum for Christmas
2. Polaroid Block Quilt
3. Nan’s 90th Quilt. Maybe. Really, who am I kidding?
4. Finish quilting the Spanish Tiles quilt, lazy girl!

Surely that’s manageable in 50 days?! It might help if I actually sewed – I’ve barely touched my sewing machine all week – poor neglected thing!

So are you hustling along with Kelsey?
100 Day hustle

Oh and because I want to break into this song every time I think about the hustle, it’s only fair I share this and get it stuck in your head too. Do it! Do the Hustle!

Do The Hustle!


  1. Ha - great idea to post the list and then adapt it. 'Spanish Seatiles"?

  2. Well done. I haven't made a list. I'm so not organized. Procrastination is my second name.

  3. I think with so many finishes already you can allow yourself the luxury of ditching the Lego quilt!

  4. Love what you've gotten done - especially the spanish tiles!

  5. Seems like a manageable list...but this time of year time seems to slip away faster than usual. Your iris mini always takes my breath away it is so beautiful!! Happy hustling!!!!

  6. Can't wait to see the finished Spanish Tiles. It is so pretty!

    Thanks ever so for the song that is now stuck in my head, and I didn't even have to play the video!

    Keep up the fantastic work. Those irises - GORGEOUS!

  7. Wow! Your iris wallhanging is incredible! My mother grows purple irises, and it looks just like them! :)

  8. I think you should look at what you've achieved - way to go! Loving that spanish tile quilt - I'd probably call it Cherries & Blue Lemonade!

  9. Can't wait to see how you put your Christmas paper piecing blocks together. And the spanish tiles quilt is great - really mimics architecture. Good luck for your next 50 days, and yes I too posted the Hustle video when we first started. How can you not?


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