Friday, 26 October 2012

TGIFF – Ornate Mini Quilt

So I shared my WiP version of the Ornate Mini Quilt the other day, and now I can show you the finished version!

Ornate mini quilt - the quilting

As you can see – I opted for simple quilting! Because you know, normally I’m super over the top fancy pants quilting everywhere (haha I wish!!). I did briefly toy with the idea of some FMQ somewhere on it (my FMQ ideas are always brief). But I had never worked with linen before and decided not to get too bold.

Plus I want the pretty fabric and curved piecing to be the focal point!

Ornate mini quilt close up

Gorgeous Echino paired with linen. I love Echino. I never know what to make with it, but I just love the bright colours and the designs (lots of bird prints!). I wish I had more of it!

Especially the new 2012 Fall prints. Look! I just spotted this one on Fabric Worm today. Oh love!

Echino Fall from Fabric Worm

Whoops – fabric tangent. And here I am supposedly not buying more fabric. Those sweet birdies might tempt me though.

So back to the mini quilt…

Ornate mini quilt in Echino and linen

Here it is quilted and bound! I’m really pleased with how this turned out. My first attempt at curved piecing, and my first real play with linen! And somehow, with two unknowns, I still ended up with a beautiful mini quilt! The pattern for this quilt is by the Sometimes Crafter. So pretty isn’t it!

And while talking about curves, I have to share this little funny. It’s a bit of spam from my last post about this mini but gosh spam can be entertaining.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WiP Wednesday – the Curves Edition":
If yοu want to meet a pаrtiсulаr kinԁ of wοman a great way tο
go аbout this іs tο uѕe аn inteгnet seгνice thаt shows you ωhat women aгe
аvailаble in your area. And the morе you write somеthing
about yоurself, the easier yοu’ll fіnd
ѕomеbody tо сonnect wіth.
For a wеstеrn guу who doesnt know muсh аbout
Аsiаn culter anԁ values, you woulԁ gеt
yourself offenԁ hеr even іf yοu
ԁo not meаn to.
If only I could have replied like I do to most comments, I would have said,

”Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the heads up. You’re right -  as a Western guy, I’m afraid I don’t know much at all. Especially as I’m a girl.
I don’t know that your internet service would help me meet a particular kind of woman in my area as really I just want to make friends with a long-arm quilter so I don’t have to quilt my own quilts.
I do hope I wouldn’t offend her quilty culture and values with my non-square quilt tops, and my clumsy attempts at basting. But you’re right. Maybe the more I write about myself, the more I’ll find somebody to connect with that would gladly quilt my quilts and free me up to do more paper piecing. .
So hey Anonymous, thanks for the help! And long-arm quilting soul mate, if you’re out there, you know, drop me a line sometime.”
And to think I very nearly turned the Anonymous option off on my comments! How I would have missed out if I did Winking smile

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  1. LOL! Awesome reply, Kristy. Love the mini! Great fabric choices -- congrats on the curved piecing. I'm about to tackle that next.

  2. Oh, that Echino bird print is amazing! Too bad it's so expensive. :(

  3. Ooh, linen and echino - love!!! It looks wonderful! And thanks for the laugh!

  4. LOL. You're a dork. :P

    Pretty mini though. :)

  5. Love your answer to Mr Anonymous... And great find the Fall 2012 collection! And the quilt is great!

  6. UGH! I just bought a bunch of Echino for a bag project and now I wish I would have waited for that print LOL! Your reply to Mr. Anonymous is hilarious! The spam has gotten terrible lately and my blogger spam filter hasn't been catching it.

    Pretty finish! I like the simple quilting, it lets the design and fabrics shine!

  7. I must be missing out with spam. Clever reply being honest about your needs. I think this mini in linen and Echino would make a fabulous tote.

  8. It's pretty but what are these mini exactly for? This might be an appropriate question but I really wonder.

  9. Darling mini quilt. And funny response to your spam!

  10. Well, my daughter and her boyfriend are sitting here on the sofa with me, and they did the same thing I did: "Oooo!" :D This little quilt is super sweet. Very nice effect!

  11. So beautiful - love the Echino and your wonderful curved piecing!

  12. Great mini quilt - love the curves and fabric! And so glad you didn't turn Anonymous off - your response was hilarious!


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