Friday, 3 August 2012

Two bags – two kids

I have quickly learnt that sibling rivalry starts young. At lunch the other day, I put some sauce on Lulu’s (2) plate, and without a second’s hesitation, she turned to her older brother saying “Na na na na” (Aussie version of Nanny nanny boo boo) complete with raspberry. Fortunately he was too distracted to notice her cheeky taunting, as I struggled not to laugh. Awesome parenting right there.

So when I decided to make a library bag for Mr J, of course I had to make one for Miss Lulu too. I decided to use up some of my paper pieced test patterns and am quite pleased with how they turned out.

I give you – two happy totes for two happy kids.

Two happy bags

These little tote bags are super simple to make, even being fully lined. And I made them large enough to fit bigger hardback books for our next trip to the library.

Fire truck bag

Look how beautifully this bag matches my fence. I totally planned that.

Birdie bag

Now I’ll pause to tell you about a little mishap with this bag. Or better yet, I’ll show you. Just to keep it real and show that things do not always run smoothly when sewing even the simplest of bags.

Snip snip

Oh yeah there were some choice words said when I realised that my awesome rotary cutting skills are not so awesome. Like really, how hard is it to check underneath your fabric to make sure that a paper pieced block isn’t underneath it before you zip the rotary cutter through? Apparently harder than I thought. Thank goodness I didn’t do serious damage, like decapitate the bird or chop its tail feathers off. This bit was fixable.

So I continued on my merry making way, and finished the bags to the childrens’ satisfaction. I even added cute lining to suit the theme of the bags.

Inside fire truck bag

Traffic for the fire truck bag. I’ve had this fabric for ages (I think it’s Alexander Henry – not sure though as I chopped off the selvedge for Jane’s collection) but it suited perfectly.

Inside bird bag

And while this doesn’t match in colour, it made Little Miss’s day. She loves owls so this fabric was perfect for her, if not quite perfect for the bag.

So those are my happy totes and these are my happy kids. (Excuse the pjs).

Two happy kids

That’s my Friday Finish for the week which I’m linking up with TGIFF. It’s over at Missy Mac Creations, and it’s only because I love Erin (we have a mutual girl crush) that I pushed through the chopped off birdie block and made sure I had these bags ready to go for the linky party!

TGIFF 2_new

And last thing – seeing as this was a little project using up paper pieced blocks, let me remind you that you can find more ideas on how to use up paper pieced blocks through the Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop! It’s on now! Today sees Diane from From Blank Pages and tomorrow is Lara from Luellabella. See here for the full schedule of where and when, then pop over here for a giveaway.

PPP Blog hop button

Enjoy your weekend! Smile


  1. I've been known to accidentally sew a paper pieced block to the back of another project - not sure how I didn't notice that! Cute bags!

  2. Your kids will have the coolest library bags at the library - hope they realise how styley they are!! I'm so impressed you pushed on after the rotary cutting disaster, very patient of you!

  3. The book bags are so precious! How darling, and how useful! Love them!

  4. Oh poor birdy!! Tho great fix up - I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't have been so honest! am loving those bags :)

  5. I love this photo of the kids heading off into the gum tree forest in their pjs with their totes over their shoulders. I wonder if Hansel and Gretel ever had as much fun?

  6. Wow what gorgeous bags, I bet your kids are thrilled with them! And a great come back from potential disaster; no one would ever have known if you hadn't said! Love the PJ's pic too :-)

  7. I know that feeling when you have sliced off a piece of your block. Glad to see you recovered it so well. Love the photo of your two heading off to bed in the forest :)

  8. Too cute! Love the lining you used on the fire truck one. Have to say I'm just a little bit biased towards boy things as I have two little boys (well they used to be, one's 6'3" now and my 'baby boy' is a shade under that!)

  9. At least they've not started punching each other yet! These bags are adorable, I'm so glad that the birdie block was fixable as it's just too cute to waste!

  10. Cute bags! I like your pics which makes me smile. Thanks for sharing the not so right things.

  11. I totally understand the sibling rivalry thing! My girls have been doing it for 3 years now and it is still going on! I have 2 girls and so we always have to make sure we have 2 of EVERYTHING!
    Your bags are adorable! I love the owl fabric too!!

  12. These are wonderful.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  13. Really cute bags and great use of those paper pieced blocks! Lucky little kiddos:)

  14. Such adorable bags! What a cute way to use up those blocks. Children are so funny at that age =D

  15. Oh my goodness, you poor thing!! But those bags are just adorable!! I really should finish the library bag I started a few weeks ago...

  16. LOVE them Kristy!! Especially the fire truck. I must hone my pp skills and then make that one. And, yep, the lining is Alexander Henry. I have it too. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF. :)

  17. Terrific use of solo blocks! They're so cute walking away with their totes. :D

  18. Great recovery of your beautiful bird block! I had to remind myself when my boys were growing up that sibling revalry is just natural. It teaches how to survive in the world! I just think as parents, it's hard to hear them go at it. I love the picture of them in thier PJ's and toting their new book bags. They are so cute.


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