Friday, 31 August 2012

A Friday Finish – LEGO Play mat

It’s finished!  The LEGO play mat is now done – and with a day or two to spare! Woohoo! Impressed? I am! I didn’t think I was going to make my deadline!

Quiet Play LEGO play mat

Here’s the front of the play mat. It’s 60” square with paper pieced mini figures, LEGO blocks and a big smiley LEGO face in the middle.

And the back? I didn’t have enough grey, so I had to get creative.

Quiet Play LEGO mat back

Paper pieced mini figure in the centre, some bright solids around the edge, finished off with some LEGO bricks. Now it’s pretty much a double sided play mat!

Quiet Play Lego block

A big thanks to my –tall- sister who held this up for photos. If only she lived close enough to be my personal quilt-holder: it was SOOO much easier than throwing it over the fence or on the washing line!.

I did have a moment or two with this quilt where I questioned my sanity. No, not all the paper piecing, I actually quite enjoyed that. The quilting! Oh my goodness, it nearly killed me. Okay I may be exaggerating. Just a tiny bit. But the quilting did result in a desperate email to the lovely Erin pleading for help as it was just wrong. Here’s the picture she got:

002 (640x480)

Yeah. Doing a fancy back is all well and good. But if you plan to just stitch in the ditch quilt it, probably should make sure it lines up tidily so you don’t end up with this! Thank goodness Erin is much better at quilting ideas than me and suggested making some random squares – so the wonkiness looks a bit more intentional.So with the encouragement of my quilty gals, I tackled it.

003 (640x480)

Much better. I have to say, this was a big step out of the comfort zone for me – I”m not good at random. But it does look a LOT better than the original idea! So thanks quilty gals!

I used the back folded over as binding, inspired by Fiona of Finding Fifth’s neighbourhood play mat. It sure was quick and easy! It’s safe to say I’m now a happy quilter with this one done!

A few close ups, so I can enjoy that this quilt is finished!

Lego face

Oh and if you want to try a LEGO mat of your own, the paper pieced patterns for these LEGO blocks are freebies over on my Pattern page.

Black minifigGreen minifig

I hope my son stays in the LEGO phase for awhile so he makes the most out of this play mat. It represents a LOT of hours of loveWinking smile

Blue minifigRed minifig

I’ll be giving it to Mr Nearly Five on Saturday at his party. Mainly because I’m impatient and don’t want to wait another week to give it to him. Plus – maybe the LEGO will stay on the mat now, not in Every room. Wish I was kidding.

Oh and just for interest's sake - here's my original drawing of what I planned for the mat.

Think it worked out rather well. Yep. Happy quilter indeed.
LEGO play mat

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  1. Wow what a great finish! It's nice to see something turn out the way you planned. The quilting does look much better in the second attempt, with the dark background you couldn't really get away with the ditch stitch.
    I hope you find less LEGO around the house once the present is given =D

  2. 1. Love the honesty of the stitch-in-the-ditch attempt! Totally something I would do too. The random squares were a great solution--when I looked at the first picture of the back, I never guessed that wasn't your original plan. I thought it just looked like a "wall" of LEGOs of random sizes!

    2. If he's only four, I think he's got a lot more LEGOing ahead of him!

    3. Containing the LEGOs might be something of a quixotic quest if I recall my younger brother's tendencies, but good luck. :)

  3. Yay!! It looks fabulous!! I'm sure he will LOVE it!!

  4. Awesome! This is truly great and inspiring!

  5. Words can't describe how much I love this quilt. Stoked that the lego men are a free pattern. Thank you! Going to give them a try. Perhaps a lego bag is in order for Master 2.

  6. Yay! It's truly wonderful. J is going to be over the moon. Well done. x

  7. So awesome! If your little guy is anything like mine he will still be Lego obsessed when he's big - it will get years of use, I'm sure.

  8. it looks awesome!! Your son is going to be so happy!

  9. What a fantastic quilt! You have done a brilliant job and I imagine your little chap will totally love it!

  10. Great playmat! I really like the solution y'all came up with for the quilting. I hope it helps keep the LEGOs in one place, those things hurt so much when you step on them! And I don't think you have to worry about him using it for a long time. My 35yo husband still runs straight to the LEGO section at the store LOL.

  11. If your son is anything like my brothers, and now my son, he'll get plenty of use out of that quilt! What a lucky boy.

  12. It is so fantastic!!! They'll be lots of lego play :) The back is brilliant too!

  13. Wow it came out really cute! I love the lego border it adds so much to the top! :) The figure with the sunglasses looks really awesomely cool! :) Happy Birthday to Mr. Five! :)))

  14. I hope your son loves it....but then who wouldn''s fabtastic. Well done and thanks again for the pattern.


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