Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Travelling Stash Stopped Here


So some time ago one of the QCA girls Cassie started our own Aussie travelling stash. There has been much bated breath as we each wait for our turn for it to arrive!

Today was my turn! I returned home from the preschool drop off with great intentions of cleaning the house (yeah I’m wild like that). But! Instead I found not one, but two squishy parcels on my doorstep! One was the Travelling Stash (eeee!) and one was my order from Fabric Shack. So yeah cleaning? Ha! (Okay not really, I should make the most of Mr 4 being at preschool and get the house tidy so I can enjoy it for five minutes before the whirlwind comes home and trashes it again).

Here are some progress shots. Check this bundle out, practically bursting at the seams!

Stash packedQuilty goodness galore!Stash in the bag

Stash unpacked

So after having a bit of a sort through, I took out the things I thought I could use.

Stash removed

Some pink and green FQ’s, a yellow FQ (I’m always short on yellow), some sweet ribbons, quilting pins (after close to two years quilting these are my first proper flat quilting pins!) and a sweet little handmade bunny that has been adopted by my Miss 2.

So what did I put back in the stash to replace these?

Stash re-added

1/2 yard of Lizzy House Outfoxed, 3 FQs and a pink girly growth chart panel, 4 Guterman threads in various colours, a cute blue tape measure in a tin, some sewing themed ribbon and a Melly and Me Penguin softie pattern. Hope they go to good homes girls!

Oh and for the curious! I packed it back up and weighed up – because boy did it seem like it was bursting at the seams! However our 3kg mark is safe. The stash currently weighs 2.6 kgs.

Stash weighed

So I will make a second trip to the post office today (they will know me by name in there soon!) and get this on its way again!

Thanks Cassie and QCA girls for a fun and different type of swap!


  1. SQUEAL!!!!!!
    She is finally in our area - who is next. I am sooo excited.
    Love that Penguin pattern - hope it is still there when she lands on my door.

  2. WOW...

    What fantastic shots.. it's amazing watching all these stashes change and grow during their moves..

    Looks like you found some beautiful pieces and Miss 2 is lucky to have found something as well.

  3. I love what you took and and put back! Especially that chair fabric!

  4. Now that was a much better use of your time than cleaning!

    Hope you have friendlier PO staff than we do. Waiting in the queue here usually provides a ringside seat for the perfect lesson on how not to provide good customer service!

  5. How exciting! Fabric > cleaning, any day, too. :)

  6. Hahaha cleaning that was a good one!
    How lucky to get the stash. It looks like some good things were in there. =D


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