Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Stash

So it turns out there are hidden gems in the Craft section of Big W. Who knew?! Well thankfully some of the QCA girls tipped me off so I have been and dug through the dull, muddy, boring FQ’s and found some beautiful, shiny, designer-types tucked in there!

009 (640x480)

Oh yes, that is indeed some Tufted Tweets! I was a bit excited about finding these. I really love the blue one with the birds. The green one I’m not as partial to so it might find its way into the Travelling Stash when it arrives on my doorstep (which is soon! Eee!)

008 (640x480)

Some bargain shopping at Spotlight. The green print is for a Bee block coming up soon (hope it suits your block Lauren!) and the orange and aqua were impulse buys. Know why? Because they are FQ size and were marked down to $1! Bargain! I think they will be great to make some more paper pieced chameleons. Looks like great lizard skin doesn’t it?

And my last lovely for show and tell… a paper piece pattern!

011 (640x480)

Why yes, it does look complicated and involved. And yes, that does make my paper piecing heart sing with joy. But no I have not started it. (I do hope you’re at least thinking these questions or I’m going to sound a right idiot answering them). I know you’re asking why I have not started this glorious sample of fabulous paper piecing wall art? Why why why? How can I resist? Simple. I don’t have the right fabrics.

But Fabric Shack to the rescue. I ordered a bunch of purples and greens (plus some Wrenly to fill the package up and justify the shipping costs). However… it’s barely been a week since i ordered so still waiting for it to arrive. The suspense continues.  (Btw Aussie and Kiwi girls – Fabric Shack does half price international shipping. Half price! $8.50 for up to 9 yards. You know, in case you need more incentive to buy fabric)

That’s it for the new additions to the stash! What else is new? Oh yes – the paper piecing blog hop now has a name! The Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop will start on the 1st August right here at Quiet Play and run for the whole month! Woo! A whole month of talking about what to do with those orphan paper pieced blocks we all have hanging around! Or maybe it’ll inspire you to try paper piecing, just so you can make your block into something fabulous like one of our hoppers!. Or maybe you’d just like to follow along and enter some giveaways. Oh yes, I said giveaways – plural. More details to come soon! But I can tell you – it’s going to be fun!

Linking up with Fiona from Finding Fifth for the Sunday Stash!


  1. Pretty fabric!! I love that chair print - would make awesome fussy cut pouches. Lucky recipient! And those cheapy FQs are totally perfect for chameleons!!

  2. Don't you just love it when you find a pearl in amongst all of the dross! Would have been crazy too to pass on the $1 fabrics, they will always come in useful.

  3. I think your $1 finds will be spot on for your chameleon blocks.
    The Iris block looks quite challenging, have fun with it.
    Have you decided to sell your bird paper piece pattern? I would buy that for sure.

  4. That looks like a Cynthia England pattern. I have done a few of hers, including a one iris block. They turn out lovely but are a lot of work with all the tiny bits. I'll have to come back for your paper piecing blog hop.

  5. Some great stash additions there! Half price shipping no way...I must check that out....=D

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop, as well as a new one via Flickr. If you're interested feel free to check them out =D

  6. Looking forward to being part of the Practically Paper Piecing blog hop (what a tongue twister!)

    am really loving those tufted tweets! Might have to have a little look at Big W today myself!


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