Monday, 25 June 2012

Peacocks in the Garden

 My Cuzco Garden Fence quilt top has a new name – thanks to Taisia of Piecing Light. It’s now named Peacocks in the Garden – thanks Taisia! Perfect name for it. :)

Oh and yes, it’s now a quilt top, not just blocks! Progress! And of course there have to be photos as proof. So here you go!
Cuzco colours
Okay so that doesn’t really show off the quilt top, but it does show the pretty colours! I’m all about the pretty in my quilts.
Cuzco fence
Here we go! Peacocks in the Garden – still a work in progress, but oh how i”m loving how it’s coming together!

I have to say, I didn’t picture quite how lovely it would be when I was just looking at a stack of blocks. Pretty though they are.
Cuzco 25 blocks
Oh and I have to share this little picture. It should be titled “This is why you need to square up your blocks”.
Cuzco scraps
That’s right – that’s all the scraps leftover after I trimmed my blocks back to lovely 10” squares. I don’t know about you but when I’m finished sewing up my blocks, I’m so tempted to just sew them together. Squaring up is soooo boring. So this pic is a little visual reminder to myself why that squaring up is necessary. That’s a lot of excess cut off! But worth it – as it makes sewing the blocks together and lining them up so much easier.
Cuzco closeup
So – still to go. Quilting. I’m thinking straight line quilting echoing the white sashing. Simple, and easy. I’m still not game to try my FMQ skills on an entire quilt top. And I need to decide on a backing and binding. Or do I skip the binding all together? Decisions decisions!
Cuzco line
But while I decide, I’m just going to enjoy the pretty. This is what Cuzco plus Bella Solids look like as a Garden Fence quilt. Definitely pretty.

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  1. Oh Kristy, it's beautiful!! I vote binding - have you got enough of a solid left to do it in a single colour? Maybe one of the lighter colours??

  2. Love! I'll admit, when I read your last post, I was a little skeptical about the sashing because I loved how the squares looked next to each other--just like little jewels. But white sashing is rarely a mistake, and it definitely worked in this case. Now it is like they are little jewels neatly lined up in a white velvet lined case.

    Goodness, I have expensive taste. :)

    P.S. I feel the same way about squaring up blocks. I need to print out that scrap picture and tape it to my cutting mat.

  3. Yay! Glad you liked the name. I like the way you've ordered the blocks in stripes of same-colour.
    I had a play with my Cuzco and mixed in the Good Fortune at the weekend. Jewel-like fabrics. Must finish my current quilt, then can get started...

  4. This looks lovely, love all the lovely colours. I think simple quilting would be great for this design. I would probably just bind it in white and leave it at that. I don't think you need any more borders than what you have already. Nice work!

  5. What a lovely jewel box of colours and fabrics! Would you consider doing a little FMQ in the centre squares before doing your outlining? It shouldn't be too difficult and might give you a bit of confidence? Leanne over at SheCan QUilt has just finished a quilt this way!

  6. Great name for another lovely quilt, you are on a roll! I vote for white binding too, and maybe a teeny, tiny bit of FMQ'ing?? You know you can do it!

  7. It's fantabulous! Not usually into "girly" colours but these jewel tones are lovley. I like the idea of quilting the sashing and I'm intrigued whether or not you'll use binding. x

  8. Beautiful quilt! Love the design and the colours are fabulous.

  9. Love it more and more every time I see it. Beautiful! Perfect name too. Well done Taisia. :)

    Oh, and I vote for the darker greeny colour for the binding. Can not believe I said that! ;)

  10. Isn't it gorgeous? It has just come together so well with fabric choices and pattern. I would definitely do a real binding and tend to agree with the the 'white' or 'light' ideas. Great advice about trimming up the blocks.

  11. That looks gorgeous! I love the colour scheme and the block pattern! The fabrics look great. Don't skip binding! =D


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