Monday, 18 June 2012

My sewing machine is happy

After being my sewing buddy for over a year now, my sewing machine now has its own fancy-pants cover!

Sewing machine cover

So much better than the lousy flimsy plastic sheet thing that came with it! Let me pause here to say… I think it’s ridiculous that the sewing machine I bought, which is clearly geared towards quilters (it’s even called a Singer Confidence Quilter) came with a flimsy light plastic cover. Quilters go to quilt group. That requires taking your machine with you. Surely a hard cover would be a necessity? It came with an extension table and a heap of great quilting feet, but no hard cover? Really? At $500, I would have liked a hard cover for my sewing machine! What’s the deal?

Right. That’s out of my system. And there I will end my little rant on sewing machine covers. Because the lack of a proper cover led me to make this one and it’s pretty. So I’ll enjoy the pretty.

Sewing machine cover on the machine

Plus I am happy that a UFO is no longer a UFO. It can now be happily added to my finished projects list. I started this one back in April and it stayed just a block while I pondered how to go about turning it into a sewing machine cover.
sewing machine block

The block is paper pieced and believe it or not, this is a free pattern by the very talented Charise of Charise Creates. I so love her work.  This is probably the hardest paper piece block I have tackled yet so I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Sewing machine cover front
The fabric is Purple Fan Flower from the Good Fortune range by Kate Spain. I used up the last I had of it on this sewing machine cover. A good use I say. Look, I even had the perfect sized strip to line up the back!

Sewing machine cover back 
Originally I intended to make sides for the cover but I ran out of fabrics. So ribbon ties it is! They work perfectly though :)
Sewing machine cover tied

So yay! A happy sewing machine. A happy me. Finished projects make me happy.

While I’m on about UFO’s becoming finished projects… I must join Fiona in pointing you over to Local Honey Crafts UFO Challenge. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs and all you have to do to enter is finish off a UFO that you started before June and finished during June. Easy hey! You really ought to check it out, not many entries yet!
UFO button


  1. Snap! My sewing machine got her new outfit today too! I love your paper piecing on this - makes a perfect cover.

  2. Very glam machine you have there now! I really like the paper piecing too, will have to check out the site.

  3. Your cover is much prettier than a hard cover Kristy. I love it!

  4. It's beautiful!!! Kate Spain-aholics unite!!

  5. Oh that paper pieced sewing machine is brilliant! I might have to give it a go :o)

  6. As always your comments made me giggle - "fancy pants" indeed! So nice to see it finished and now on display. I like the other side too!

  7. I love your sewing machine cover. I think I will have to try my hand again at paper piecing.

  8. That's such an awesome cover! Glad to see you put the block to great use =D

  9. I need to make up a nice cover for my sewing buddy ;) Love yours!

  10. It is gorgeous! My $2700 machine didn't come with much of a cover either, pretty flimsy and definitely isn't going to protect it from much of anything. I love your colors too!

  11. What a cute sewing machine cover! I should make one of those up for my featherweight since it's case could probably do with airing out for about 5 years!

  12. The sewing machine cover looks great! Lovely work!!

  13. Love your cover. You have inspired me to put a cover on my list.

  14. Love this cover, and using the accent fabric under the needle of the machine!

  15. Your cover looks great, so glad you were able to finish up a UFO.
    I agree with you about the plastic machine cover, seems like Singer dropped the ball there.
    Thanks for entering my UFO challenge, good luck!


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