Monday, 21 May 2012

Handmade gifts

Know what I love about my sister? Well one of the things! She loves whatever I make for her! That makes it very fun doing birthday gifts ;) This year (her 30th, though she's only admitting to 25 of those years), she is getting a King size quilt. I say getting because it's not yet made, and only just roughly designed. She still hasn't picked out the fabrics. But I still wanted her to have a present to open on the day! So she scored a little tote bag.
Yep! I turned that cute little paper pieced chameleon block (pattern by Shape Moth) into a beach bag. Isn't it ridiculously cute?
I used some of my favourite fabrics on this one, with a bit of Riley Blake, Liz Scott and some Echino all working beautifully together. Oh and look - boxed corners to give some depth. I'm getting the hang of these things!
For the inside... I nearly put some Terrain in but it was a bit too busy for what I wanted. My sister and I have an ongoing thing about ladybugs so guess what fabric I found to line the bag?

 Added a little zip pocket and magnetic clasp and it was all good to go!
Couldn't resist some polka dot fabric inside the pocket either. Oh plus it all matched this little pouch I made a little while back.
I mentioned the ridiculously small Circle of Geese I made back here (it's 2.5" wide) but didn't show what I turned it into. Now you can see! It was perfect for a little pouch.

Glad to say the pouch was a hit with my sister as it fits her phone, keys and money all in beautifully. 

It's so nice when gifts turn out just perfectly and are so appreciated. I think my sister is my biggest fan - perhaps by force, not by choice.  Hey there have to be some benefits to being the older sister right?


  1. Love the crazy chameleon! I'm also the older sister, hehe, lots of pillows and other stuff going her way.. :)

  2. Great bag! The chameleon is SO cute! My sister is one of my biggest fans...she sort of took over when my Mum passed away!

  3. Love the chameleon bag. What a great use for such a cute guy! Hope he likes shopping!

  4. I love your bag, he looks like he is getting to ready to jump! 2.5" Circles of Geese, are you insane?? Neat pouch though :)

  5. The chameleon bag is wonderful, I had seen the block and wondered what to do with it, this is perfect! I hope she has a purple swimsuit!
    I would agree with Celtic Thistle about the insane comment! But it turned out so cute! great work!

  6. Wow! No wonder your sister love what you make - these are wonderful :)

  7. That has to be one of thee most awesome bags ever! You know you'd like to whip one up for me too =P

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  8. What a neat bag and gift! I just love the Chameleon and can't even imagine making that itty bitty circle of geese!

  9. I've been loving this since I saw it! Great touch to give the chameleon something to chase in the lining!

    And I'm glad you found a place for your teeny tiny circle of geese!

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  11. OK I am glad to see this post. I was wondering if I could scale down the circle of geese pattern to 4.5 inches for the top of a pincushion, and now that I see yours I have confidence I can do it... just not at this moment. LOL


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