Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WiP + a winner!

I have plenty (and I mean plenty!) of things in progress at the moment and yet I keep adding to my to-do list. So I am keen to get a few things finished up and trim down the WiP list. Too many WiPs make me a bit crazy - not like I need much encouragement on that front.  I have 2 kids. Enough said.

So here are my current WiPs:

The XOXO quilt. I have started quilting it! Yay! I decided to stop being so terrified of screwing it up and just get on with the job. It's for my mum. Who once wore a paper clip necklace I made her for Mother's Day when I was 6. In public. I think she's going to be okay with not so perfect quilting.

 Oh my goodness. It is a monster of a quilt. It took me an hour and a half to baste it and I have outlined the main diamonds (taking an hour of quilting alone).

I am a little bit pleased with myself as I actually managed to get the backing of this fabric lined up almost perfectly. I was worried the stripe would be wonky (and no one likes a wonky stripe). But it's pretty much right in the centre, which was proven when I outlined the diamonds. Little bit of puckering but I'm going to ignore that.

And... that's as far as I've gotten. I really need kidfree time to get stuck into the quilting. Being school holidays here, kidfree time is in short supply.

Side track. Here's what's bad about school holidays. Kids get bored. Kids have to think up their own things to do. They can get creative. Not in a good way. Results may take months to return to normal.

Exhibit A:

I'm sure there's something good about school holidays. Right now I am failing to remember it as I weep over my daughter's lost hair.

Oh and no I wasn't sewing while Child 1 was playing hairdresser with Child's 2 blonde locks but boy did I need some sewing therapy once Child 1 was confined to his room and told not to come out. Ever. Except to pee.

Back to the main topic of WiPs (which technically Lulu's hair is now a work in progress right? I just can't do anything about it).

I have decided my beloved sewing machine needs a pretty cover. So using the paper pieced block I mentioned last post (pattern is a freebie by Charise Creates), and a bit more fabulous Good Fortune fabric, I have made a start! Oh and yep I still haven't stitched a needle for the machine yet. I really better do that before I forget.

And that's about the bulk of the sewing I got done today. Sewing four borders onto a block. Ah well, something is better than nothing!

I don't think I'm going to list the rest of my WiPs because my head might explode. Suffice to say it is plenty to keep me occupied for the next decade or three. Or at least until my daughter's hair grows back.

To finish up - time for a winner! Thank you so much to everyone who played along with the little giveaways happening here and on Fiona's blog. I was  blown away by the way follower numbers jumped (doubled in a week, oh mygoodness!) so thank you for reading my little blog!

Now for the winner. The number please, Mr
And that winner is quilary! I will be in touch so I can send out your little charm pack and embroidery threads! If you didn't win and you want one of those cute little Oh Deer charm packs, I highly recommend Fabric Buzz or Want It Need it Quilt - precuts at great prices for us Aussies without the long postage wait. :)

Now I'm off to end my long day with a hot chocolate while watching the newest episode of Offspring. Right about now I kind of wish I drank wine. I could sure use it.

Linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Love seeing what others are up to though I definitely don't need any more inspiration the way my To-Do list is going.


  1. Your quilt is coming out beautifully, your mother will undoubtedly be delighted with it. It is certainly a step up from a paperclip necklace!

    When your son is a famous hairdresser and you are hobnobbing with the glitterati at his salon, you will remember his first cut and have the photo evidence to prove it!!

    Congrats on the successful giveaway too.

  2. Kudos on your beautiful xoxo quilt for your Mom. She will love it. Who wouldn't? About the hair? It's practically a right of passage to have your hair cut off by a sibling during childhood. The lucky thing is she didn't lose any blood in the process and the hair will grow back.

  3. Angry now, but hair will grow back! I once cut three inches off mine (I was about 5) because I wanted my braid out and could not get the rubberband out! Mom was MAD!!! It grew back! LOL
    Love the quilt, doing a great job!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely surprise! A much better one than finding an unexpected haircut!
    Your quilt is just gorgeous, hopefully you'll get that kid free time soon. I'll adding to my WIP's with the sewing machine pattern :)

  5. If your Mom doesn't like that can send it to
    It is adorable!! Congrats to the winners too.

  6. Love the fresh colors on your quilt and I see it's the same with kids all over the globe :-)

  7. Had to laugh about him being locked in his room forever! Maybe your daughter can get a Suzie Quattro haircut out of it (you are too young to remember her - so do a google search - my first album).

    So glad you are quilting yourself - daunting but you have made great inroads, after a monster basting session.

    And thanks for a great tandem give-away. My results are posted now too!

  8. The quilt is looking great! Your Mother is one lucky lady!..Oh no your poor daughter! Put your son on the bread and water rations! =D

  9. Thats the way to start ... little bit at a time. Don't be afraid to try some new things. You might be surprised!! Love the progress.

  10. I'm just impressed that you get any amount of sewing done with children that age. I waited until mine were teenagers and even then it was a struggle! Now I have decreed Wednesdays as official quilting days (also happens to be my day off which is handy!). Only trouble is next Wednesday is a public holiday for Anzac Day and as my hubby marches (ex Reservist) I don't think I'll be able to get as much done! Still remembering the Anzacs is more important. There's always the afternoon with luck!


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