Friday, 13 April 2012

A Sneaky Finish

I'm not sure if technically counts as a finish so I'm kind of sneaking it in. ;)

I have finished the back of the XOXO quilt! Okay that probably doesn't sound like a big deal but it's a pieced back. Still not impressed? How about a paper pieced sampler strip pieced back? Yes that does sound a touch more impressive. I think the back actually has more hours of work in it than the top... Go figure.

Right - picture time.
Not the greatest of photos. I thought quilts were photo shy. It turns out quilt backs are even worse.

So that's the backing I've made for this quilt:

See why I needed something a bit special for the back? The top is so gorgeous and pretty, I really wanted something lovely on the back. Plus I had a gazillion scraps that I couldn't let go to waste. The entire paper pieced section is made from scraps from the top. I had the perfect amount. I have one triangle scrap left in white, and a few in some of the prints, but not too many. Rather pleased with that use of scraps!

Can I admit though after wrangling the back through the sewing machine (and that was just for a few seams!), I am now quietly freaking out about I am going to quilt this monster. It's Queen Size but it might as well be moon size for my experience level. Oh and my mum (who this quilt is for) wants the quilting to show on the back. So the plan is to use white thread.

White. Thread. Teal. Background. What am I thinking?!

So right about now, I would welcome any and all suggestions on how to quilt this! I am leaning towards something loopy (that's the technical term I'm certain) or maybe just some free motion meandering. I really don't know.

Oh and because I don't think you can really see the paper pieced block in that top picture, here's a review of the blocks. I've talked about them enough so if you are after details, please pop back to this post and this one.

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 Plus Anorina from Fabric Buzz / Samelia's Mum generously added in a couple of gorgeous skeins of embroidery thread that match this charm pack perfectly. Bonus! Thanks Anorina! Let's return the generosity and pop over here and vote for her awesome blog in the Kidspot Top Blogger Awards ;) It'll only take a minute!

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Whew! I think that's enough links and photos for the time being! Now to go back to contemplating how I'm going to quilt the XOXO quilt. Suggestions most welcome.


  1. Gosh this quilt is such a thing of loveliness! If it was mine I would never know which way up I wanted it. Both ways at the same time??!!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Just beautiful! Well done... Sorry I can't help with any quilting advice, but can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  3. Love the back! I think free motion is the way to go! =D

  4. Beautiful! Two quilts in one. I would get it professionally quilted after putting so much effort into piecing it. But that's just me and I know 2 great professional quilters with great rates.

  5. Beautiful! the back is beautiful, but the front is perfect! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the quilting.

  6. Yes, I'm impressed! Great colors, great design!

  7. The back is beautiful and a perfect complement to that gorgeous front. Wow, great job, Kristy! For the quilting, I've only done free motion quilting on one big quilt and it was a beast to put through my machine. I've done QAYG on big ones since. I think white thread will be gorgeous on the teal. Maybe do a large grid to stabilize the sandwich first and then go in with more detailed FMQ? It's going to look awesome. Can't wait to see it! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  8. Go for it! I would outline around the large white squares and then around the coloured square inside. I'd also outline along each side of the long narrow diagonal bits and down the long side strips. Then to make the coloured parts of the large squares pop I would do free motion stippling (in whatever design takes your fancy) in the white parts only (in the large squares only. Then perhaps again in the blue borders. Or alternately do your stipple everywhere except the large squares to make them pop up! I am doing my first all free motion quilt a the moment and have found a looping line interspersed with some leaves is working or me. I like looping lines, I can't do a stipple stitch as I just end up looping so I go with it! Let the quilt speak to you and tell you what it needs!

  9. Sooo gorgeous. You have done an amazing job with this quilt. Have you thought of using a teal thread for the back, but in a lighter shade? So the quilting will still be visible, but won't be so noticeable as white? W

  10. What a beautiful quilt!! I agree with Waverlee- maybe use a light teal thread so that it still shows but not as prominently...


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