Monday, 2 April 2012

Scrappy business

While I may have a few big projects in the works that desperately need finishing... I've decided to go the quick and fast finish route. Because it's much more fun. And I'm in need of a quick project.

I'm not much of one to keep scraps 'just in case'. But I couldn't part with these scraps.

These are the triangle off cuts left from the XOXO quilt top. I don't think this picture gives you a good idea of how many scraps there are.

How about this one?
That pile is 3" tall. I measured it. Roughly. I'm sure if I stacked the triangles a bit more neatly it would be taller. Oh and they aren't all neat and tidy perfectly same-sized. They are roughly the same, depending on how good my seam allowance and cutting was when I made my flying geese units!

In fabric terms, I bet that could easily make a fat quarter or two if all joined together! So I can't waste that much fabric. It's time to get creative and work out some fun way to use up triangle scraps. I am open to suggestions! I am thinking they should be made into some cushions to match the quilt. And just quietly, I am leaning towards some paper piecing... say... circle of geese?

Oh and before I finish. Cheeky and shameless plea for some votes ;) Remember the toilet roll cover I made last month?

 Well votes are happening now over at QuiltJane's blog! Would love if you'd cast your eye over the entries and vote. I'd particularly love if you voted for mine hehe! (mumble Quiet Play - Dog and hydrant mumble cough 4th from the bottom cough cough).

Right! Now I'm off to sew so I have something a bit more interesting than a pile of scraps for my next blog post. :)


  1. Oh totally cute TP cover. I didn't look at them, but now there is one I care about so I will go look!

  2. I'm always a sucker for shameless pleas! Your toilet roll cover is very cute so I was only too happy to vote for it. Those scraps looks like quite small pieces - perhaps you are about to start a project that requires a lot of patience...

  3. You could never have thrown those away! I use all scraps for something even the 1" pieces! Going over right now to vote for you...I mean cough.... =D

  4. I love your toilet roll cover, very cute! I can't throw scraps away, in fact its one of my to do projects this year - make a scrap quilt. Have you heard of a crumb quilt? That's my plan this year. Once I saw one I changed the way I look at scraps, almost nothing is too small it seems! I hope to start on it once I whip a few other projects into submission!


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