Thursday, 1 March 2012

WiP Wednesday

I know. It's not Wednesday it's Thursday. But I was too tired to post this yesterday so you'll have to deal with the false advertising in the title. There are still WiPs to be seen though! I have two WiPs currently - one waiting on more fabric, the other waiting on more time!

Firstly, an update on my Diamond in a Square quilt that I'm making with Good Fortune. But before we go any further - apologies for the dreadful photos. I don't quite know what happened here - too much flash, too much auto correct, too much rush or perhaps all of the above. Anyways you get a general idea of what's happening here!

I finished off the rest of the blocks I had cut out at Quilt Club. I am now waiting on another charm pack to arrive so I can make this quilt bigger than a cot quilt. I have plans to keep this one to have one the lounge so it needs to be a nice size. Otherwise my two munchkins will fight over it and I'll end up tossing it in a cupboard somewhere to prevent fights. I know my kids.

I am really loving that chevron happening in the negative space. Ooh doesn't that sound fancified considering I'm just saying how much I like the zig zag in white. 

I ordered a bunch of Good Fortune prints in the purple/blue colourways for the back of this quilt. Can't wait to play with this. But I need to make the top first so I know how big to make the back. Does that make sense, or only in my head?

That top print is my favourite. I had thought about keeping it to make a sewing machine cover with. But my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms currently as she decided to stop doing half the stitches in her repertoire. I know, she's clearly punishing me for two things - one she does not have a name, and two she does not have an awesome handmade cover and is ashamed of the flimsy plastic cover I keep using. Or maybe she just needs a service.

And here is my other WiP - my Pink Owl quilt - Hootenanny is the pattern name by Boo Davis.

Three blocks out of twelve (obviously not sewn together yet). I knocked those over in one night. Considering how long the cutting took, the sewing is astonishingly fast. Even with having to stop to iron every seam. It's worth it though.

The random placement of pinks is something I am dealing with. I may need quilting counselling to get me through it. It just goes against the matchy-matchy grain. But I'm sure the end result will look great. Right? Right? Please say yes.

Off to work through my matching issues and make some more random pink blocks And can I just admit here I am astonished and perhaps a little embarrassed by the amount of pink fabrics I had. I don't like pink. So how on earth did so many creep into my stash? Am I secret pink lover? Oh dear. Quilting counselling is definitely needed.

Linking up to WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Love seeing what everyone else is working on!


  1. I'm working on the owl right now too(at my husband's request). Dealing with the exact same issue about the random placement! I am kind of dragging it out, because that part is stressing me out :D I love how yours is coming along!

  2. Yea! I just got some of the Good Fortune fabric too! It's it great! I love that bold floral art deco print too!

  3. Wow your GF Diamond in a Square sure looks beautiful...sorry hurry up charm pack! And...sheesh! You are fast with that hooty quilt girl! I definitely think a sewing machine cover is in our future in 2012...I am still on the look out for a good 'all dust out' quilted pattern though.

  4. Sounds like you need to go on a quilting retreat to sort out your "issues" !!

    Paranoia about your machine's motives and pink love denial - it sounds serious, not to mention "chevrons happening in negative space (!)" you need help:) Retail therapy would also work in the short term!

    Love your Diamond in a Square quilt!

  5. Ooh, pretty Diamond in Square Quilt. And you're making the OWL! Awesome!


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