Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mmm more fabric

How fun is a competition where you get to look at fabric, play with mosaic makers, AND enter more than once? Well have a look at I'm a Ginger Monkey's blog because she has a fun FQ bundle competition happening. It's being sponsored by Pink Castle Fabrics (soooo many yummy fabrics). 

So I did one bundle with my sister in mind And then... I saw it. The stunning Sea Garden prints from Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket. Loving the greys and aquas - like an ocean on a stormy day. Yeah that's about as poetic as I get. Ohh well, now a second bundle is required.

You know I didn't think I was a dot girl, but apparently I am. I've used them in both my bundles. It's a sign. Use more dots.

Oh look at those Sea Garden prints! (top left and bottom right). I could look at them all day. I have perhaps looked at them for some time already.

Right, so the important info! What are all these fabrics?

Sea Garden in Mist - Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket
Bella Solid in Caribbean
Dot in Aqua - Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
Timeless Treasures Sketch Crosshatch in Aqua
Ta Dot in Ocean Aqua by Michael Miller
Kona Solid Natural
Hello Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet in Turquoise by Lizzy House
Free Spirit Solid NuGray Gray
Free Spirit Solid Slate Grey
Dumb Dot in Charcoal by Michael Miller
Ta Dot in Aqua by Michael Miller
Sea Garden in Ocean - Salt air by Cosmo Cricket

Well I think that's enough fabric browsing for one day! Plus I think I used up all my funny in my first post.  Anyways, fabric lovers, pop over and have a look at some of the other entries, or make one yourself!


  1. I'm with you on the Sea Garden prints, they are lovely. You do have a dot thing going on at the moment, don't you! You should begin to worry when the dot thing meets the pink love!!

  2. I LOVE this bundle! So pretty!


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