Thursday, 29 March 2012

Diamonds in Squares - the saga ends.

Whew! I am pleased to report that this post officially marks the end of the Diamonds in Squares quilt saga.

Look at it - acting all innocent and quilty, like it never gave me a moment of worry. It's a bit like a naughty child.

So it's all done. I should be feeling elated right? But I'm not. I don't know why. I'm just not loving this quilt. Sad sad sad.

I even relented enough to give it a pretty pieced back, even after all its wonky border mischief.

And some pretty straight line quilting around the diamonds.

I perhaps should have stuck with the dark purple stripes as borders on the front. But to be honest I got a bit tired of unpicking and resewing! Instead I planned to FMQ some awesome vine looking thing around the border in a nice coordinating green thread (umm mainly because I only have quality thread in green, pink and orange thanks to an awesome garage sale - hello 30 spools of Gutermans plus a handmade wooden spool holder for $20! Bargain!)

But my FMQ vine did not look like a vine. It looked like weeds. Covered in pesticide. Afflicted with some kind of weedy plague that looked contagious. To humans. It wasn't pretty. No photo evidence exists.

Instead I went hey! I haven't used barely any of these fancy pants stitches on my fancy pants machine - why not now?!

And look! It's a vine. A happy vine without pesticide or plague. Why reinvent the wheel stitches, right? While we're here, pause a moment to admire the binding - some pretty fans. Binding is machine sewn because I don't do hand sewing (except on Christmas stockings and that's another story).

Linking up a little bit early to TGIFF. Because I'm ready for it to be Friday. Plus the fabulous Fiona at Finding Fifth is hosting this Friday (say that five times fast) so be sure to pop over and join in!

Linking this up with the Festival of Half Square Triangles.

I may not be totally loving the final result, but I do love those HST squares! My fellow beehive members may not feel the same after I've nominated the block for this month! ;)


  1. You may not be feeling the love for this recalcitrant quilt but I am. Not only is the front gorgeous but the back is stunning enough to be a quilt in its own right. Great use of green thread and machine stitches and adorable children to show off its qualities. Thanks for being my first linky on my first linky.

  2. Oh, its had so much bad press, but in fact to those of us who haven't had to unpick, its charming. And i love the binding. And that fancy little vine. And those little monkeys who look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

  3. Glad to see it's finally finished! Would make a great picnic blanket judging by the size =D

  4. Glad to hear and see that you have finally put those Diamonds in Squares to rest! I would have thought you were a Diamond kinda gal, but obviously not. Your husband will be pleased to hear that!

    Great use of creative stitching (fancy pants machine!)too!

  5. I think your quilt looks great and I completely love the back. Maybe you just need some time to forget how mischievous it was and realize how beautiful it is. Your children are adorable, btw :)

  6. Kirsty , I don't know why you don't love this quilt - it's lovely and the back is gorgeous too!!! It's a great finish.

  7. The back is seriously so cool. And even though it gave you fits and may not be your favorite - I think it looks great! The kiddos are adorable as well. :)

  8. Kristy, your post is a riot! I can totally relate. I know it gave you trouble, but it looks great. I love the back too. Smart idea to use the decorative stitch. I did that on one of mine too and it just added the right tough. Great job! So glad you linked up -- a great way to end the week, no?

  9. Congrats on the finish! I know it must feel great to have that one done. The binding is perfect and I'd never have know about those "weeds" in the border. Looks nice!

  10. Lovely quilt. Put it in a place you won't see it for a few weeks and then pull it out and I am sure your feelings will be kinder. I have the same love, hate relationship with the quilt I threw together called, "The Ugly Quilt" I call it that now affectionately, not near as bad as I thought.

  11. It does look all gorgeous and innocent--but isn't that always the way the quilts that give us the most trouble look?

    I love the pieced back!

  12. I think it looks gorgeous! I love that Good Fortune fabric - have a stash of it myself that will become a quilt one day.

  13. You may not be feeling the love for it, but I think it's gorgeous. Love the back too.
    One day I'm going to have to try using some of my fancy pants stitches on my machine.

  14. Oh it's so pretty!
    Love the back, too!


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