Saturday, 25 February 2012

Little Bunny Foo Foo

I've had that song stuck in my head since making these bunnies. But I can't remember past the first few lines, so it's just on repeat in my head and driving me a little bit crazy. I'm still trying to figure out why a bunny would be scooping up field mice and bopping them on the head. Not sure that I should teach my very literal son that song... I don't think he'd get the moral at the end!

Sorry about the tangent. On to the bunnies!

These bunnies are early (very early!!) Easter pressies for my kidlets. I planned to keep them until Easter but apparently I didn't hide them well enough and now I can't really take them back! My kids are dairy free (among other things) and it's very hard to find dairy free chocolate in fun Easter shapes. So we'll be doing our own chocolate moulds - we use Sweet William chocolate for those that are interested. Very yummy and not too ridiculously expensive - and I thought I'd pair those with these cute bunny toys. That was the plan. Now it'll just be chocolate moulds! But hey it makes me happy that these bunnies are already loved.

Cute little tails!
The pattern is by RetroMama and very simple to make. Fun too! Thinking I might make a few to pop in my QP shop (these are one of those patterns where permission is given to sell on a small scale - for the curious copyright folks!). I've been a bit slack on making new things for the shop lately!

I also finally got the pattern for the paper-pieced fire truck quilt that I discovered online. Great quilt. It's from theQuiltmaker Sept/Oct 09 issue. You can buy it online though I didn't find it a particularly user-friendly process, having to first clear up that I wouldn't be charged $17 shipping fee for a digital pattern, and then not being able to find the information on where to download it. Anyways, I got the pattern, that's what counts.

I've made one of the little fire trucks so far:

There's also a ladder truck and an ambulance. I'm thinking I'll make the ladder truck next, maybe facing the opposite direction and turn all the pieces into a name sign for my son. Does that make sense? I'm not sure whether I'm up to doing a whole quilt - that will require more thought.

Side note - how cute are the dogs driving the truck? I fussy cut them from some old-style looking dalmatian-puppy-driving-vintage-firetrucks fabric I bought awhile back. The fabric itself is a bit young for my son, but worked perfectly to find some pups for my fire truck!

Well best get moving - really should make the most of my kid-free time to get some good sewing done! :) Hope you fit a bit of creative time into your day too!

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  1. Awww the bunnies are so cute...the song is little rabbit froo froo riding through the forest scooping up the *insert thing here* and bopping them on the head....down came the good fairy and she part repeats.....i'll give you three more chances and if you don't change i'll turn you into a gobbledegook...that repeats with less chances....
    Last verse ends with I gave you three chances, but you didn't change so now i'm turning you into a gobbledegook...

    Don't ask how I know the song I just do =D

  2. Those are both so cute!


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