Friday, 13 January 2012

A Walk in the Woods

I picked up a little charm pack of "A Walk in the Woods" from Need it Want it Quilt. It sat in my fabric cupboard for awhile. I'd look at it occasionally and ponder what sort of quilt it should become. No inspiration. Nothing. So I put it out of mind and worked on other things. Plus I got busy making Christmas presents and the like.

Then it came to me! Little charm squares made into star shapes - perfect! Showed off the fabric and would look great on a white background. This was one of those quilts that just came together rather effortlessly. Don't you love those types of quilts?

All I had to do was sort them into pairs to make the stars, bit of cutting, bit of sewing, bit of ironing and tada! Quilt done! But it needed just something to finish it off. I happened to have a few charm squares left - all of the stripey variety. Cut, sew, iron. Add to the quilt - stripey borders in place!

I love them. I think they finish the quilt off perfectly.

My first finish for 2012.A lap quilt sized around 95cm x 125cm. I've popped this one into the Quiet Play madeit store though it was tempting to keep it for my little Miss.

It's so much fun coming up with a pattern and, sewing the fabric come together into a gorgeous quilt that sometimes it can be hard to let them go! So I find that when I start a project, I have to separate in my mind whether it's for Quiet Play, or for a specific recipient. That way it's so much easier to let go if I decide to sell it or give it away. So far that has worked for me. Of course things may change as my little one's get older and start making their own demands. Mr 4 is starting to get that way already! It's nice to be appreciated hey!

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